Cortez Method™ Books

The Cortez Method™ divides its teaching methodology into three levels:
1) Cortez Method 1: Building A Foundation (Introductory level),
2) Cortez Method 2: Mastering Tenses & Commands (Beginner level), and
3) Cortez Method 3: Mastering El Subjuntivo (Intermediate level).
Each level consists of four books (12 books in total). Ask your instructor what book you need to get for class. You may purchase your book by clicking on the cover.
*NOTE: Please see video on the left for a brief explanation by the author of how the starting level works.

Building A Foundation

Students develop their conversational skills to speak Spanish in past, present and future with these 4 Intro level books.

Tenses & Commands

The 4 Beginner level books will help students master the all Indicative tenses plus commands.

El Subjuntivo

Master the subjunctive with a simplified approach that allows a case by case review.